Frequently Asked Questions




When will the Fuzepods come?

Please allow 1-2 business days for us to process your order, this is mainly due to high volumes of orders we get each and every single day.  Every customer receives a tracking code upon purchase (normally 7 days) and will receive periodic notifications about the status of their order.

How long will it take to ship to my house?


Due to the current lockdown situation, here are the latest shipping times

USA: 7-15 Days
UK: 7-13 Days
Europe: 7-13 Days
Australia: 10-15 Days
Canada: 7-15 Days
Other countries: 20-30 days
What happens if you do not get your package?

Please contact us immediately, this is very important to us! Our goal is to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied. If you do not get your package, we will open an investigation with our shipping carriers as to why you have not received that package.

Return, Cancellation & Refund Policy?

In order to be eligible for a refund, you have to return the product within 30 calendar days of receiving your item.  The product must be in the same condition that you receive it and undamaged in any way.

After we receive your item, our team of professionals will inspect it and process your refund. The money will be refunded to the original payment method you’ve used during the purchase. For credit card payments it may take 5 to 10 business days for a refund to show up on your credit card statement.

If the product is damaged in any way, or you have initiated the return after 30 calendar days have passed, you will not be eligible for a refund.

How do I track my order?

When the order has been processed and shipped, you will receive a second email from the Fuzepods customer team with the headline "Order has been shipped".  Enclosed in this email is your tracking information. You may click that tracking number to update where your order is. For any strange reason the tracking link does not work, open another tab and type Enter your tracking number here.

Can I use the Fuzepods with an Apple or Android phone?

You can connect to any Apple or Android device and the  features will work just as well! Fuzepods are designed to be accessible to anyone, they connect to any device with Bluetooth. Also, Fuzepods feature Bluetooth 5.0 which is currently the fastest and most efficient Bluetooth connection available.

What's the comfort rating on the Fuzepod Pro version?

They fit a much larger range of people, and our customers rate them far more comfortable than the original.

Are Fuzepods waterproof?

They are not waterproof but they do have sweat and dust resistance meaning they won't be ruined by rain or falling in a puddle.

If I lost one, can I order a replacement? Or do I have to order whole set again?

You would need to order the whole set again. Did you know there are apps that allows you to search for a a missing headphone via your bluetooth connection.

Are Fuzepods Pro worth the money?

If you're new to wireless earpods, then you might want to consider the Fuzepods 1 or Fuzepods 2 as they are no brainers at the price we sell them at. The Fuzepods Pro are also certainly worth the money, even though we sell them $175 cheaper than other comparable earbuds. Our business mission is more important than making money like some other headphone companies.

Do they have wireless charging?

Yes! the Fuzepods 2 and Fuzepods Pro have wireless charging.

How do I contact Fuzepods?

Fastest way is to click here.

You can also contact us these other ways.

Call: +1 (424) 258-5578
FB: @Fuzepods1
Insta: @fuzepods