When will the Fuzepods come?

Please allow 1-2 business days for us to process your order, this is mainly due to high volumes of orders we get each and every single day. After 7-10 days, you will get an email with tracking information.

How long will it take to ship to my house?

After you have received your tracking information, it takes approximately on average 3-4 business days for it get to you depending on your location.

USA: 3-5 Days
UK: 3-5 Days
Europe: 3-5 Days
Australia: 3-7 days
Canada: 7-10 days
Other countries: 7-10 days

What happens if you do not get your package?

Please contact us, this is very important to us! Our goal is to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied. If you do not get your package, we will open an investigation with our Shipping Carriers as to why you have not received that package.

Return, Cancellation & Refund Policy?

Malibu Gateway will accept any cancellations or refunds within 12 hours upon purchase. However, any cancellations and refunds are subject to a $5 USD penalty cost.

How do I track my order?

Once you get another email from Fuzepods, which will include your "order has been shipped" along with your tracking information. You may click that tracking number to check where your order is. If the tracking number does not work for some reason, please contact us and we will get an update for you.

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